Two Eggs & Toast:  2 eggs cooked your way with toast…..$2.75

Nancy’s Breakfast Special:  2 eggs, homefries or grits, and toast…..$4.25

South Avenue Sunrise:  1 egg, 2 bacon or 1 sausage, and toast…..$3.75

Classic Breakfast:  2 eggs, homefries or grits, 3 pieces of bacon or two sausage patties or ham, and toast…..$7.25

The Fat Cat:  2 eggs, homefries or grits, 3 bacon or 2 sausage or ham,  2 pancakes or 2 french toast, and toast…..$8.75



 2 eggs, include homefries or grits, served with toast unless otherwise noted


–omelet w. homefries mixed in served with toast


–omelet on a bed of hand-cut fries, served with toast


Say Cheese:  Mozzarella, provolone, feta, and cheddar jack…..$7.75

Western:  Ham; peppers; onions; cheddar cheese…..$7.75

Italian:  Hot sausage or pepperoni, provolone, mozzarella, peppers & onions; marinara sauce…..$7.75

Nancy:  Ham, bacon, or sausage, pep & onions, choice o’ cheese…..$7.75

Meat-o-rama:  Bacon; ham; sausage; and choice o’ cheese…..$7.75

Helen:  Pepperoni; feta; provolone; fresh tomatoes…..$7.75

Veggie:  Onions; peppers; tomatoes;shrooms;Kalamata olives…..$7.75

Greek:  Kalamata olives; feta; spinach…..$7.75

Southwestern:  Chicken or pork chorizo; tomatoes; onions; cheddar jack cheese, & salsa…..$7.75

Protein:  four-egg omelet, any style, with a sliced tomato instead of homefries/grits/toast)…..$7.75



Pancake Breakfast:  3 tasty griddle cakes served with 3 slices of bacon or 2 sausage patties…..$7.49

Short Stack Breakfast:  2 griddle cakes, 2 bacon or 1 sausage…..$6.49

French Toast Junior:  2 slices of french toast with 2 bacon or 1 sausage…..$6.49

French Toast Breakfast:  3 thick slices of french toast served with 3 slices of bacon or 2 sausage patties…..$7.49

Ala Carte French Toast or Pancakes:  Thick slices of french toast or tasty griddle cakes……….3 for $4.99     2 for $3.99     1 for $2.99



Egg & Cheese:  1 egg; cheese; on an English muffin, bun, or toast …..$3.75

Egg, Cheese & Meat:  1 egg; cheese; 2 bacon or 1 sausage or ham; on an English muffin, bun or toast…..$4.99

Grilled Havarti and Apple:  Granny Smith apples; havarti cheese; apple butter; on Mancini’s raisin bread…..$5.25

The Big John:  2 eggs; 3 slices bacon or 2 sausage patties or ham; choice of cheese; on Mancini’s toast…..$7.99



Home Fries:…..$2.50

One Farm Fresh Egg…..$1.50

Side o’ meat:  3 slices of bacon, 2 sausage patties, turkey sausage or bacon, or ham…..$2.99

Oatmeal:  with brown sugar…..$2.99

Toast:  White, wheat, rye, or English muffin…..$1.50

Mancini’s Raisin Toast:  yum…..$2.49

Cup o’ Hot Grits: …..$1.99

Bowl o’ Hot Grits: …..$2.50

Add grilled peppers & onions to eggs/potatoes …..$0.75

Add cheese to your eggs or potatoes or grits …..$1.00




Bottomless Cup o’ Coffee  whole bean Fortune’s Tanzanian peaberry or decaf Columbian ground fresh right before we brew it! …..$2.25

Coffee To Go:       12 oz…..$1.50                     16 oz…..$1.99

Stash tea:  English Breakfast, Decaf English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Decaf Earl Gray, Morccan Mint (green), Camomile, Chai Spice, Green, Meyer Lemon (herbal)…..$1.99

10 oz Tropicana Orange Juice…..$2.25

Milk:   2% or chocolate…..12oz for only $1.50;     16oz for only $1.99

Fountain Soda:   Coke; Diet Coke; Sprite; Dr. Pepper; Orange Fanta; Fuze Unsweetened Tea;            16oz…..$1.75      24oz…..$1.99

Natrona Bottling Company Soda:   Grape, Cherry, Vanilla Cream Soda, Root beer, Almond Cream Soda; 12oz bottle….$2.25

Jarritos:   Mexican soda bursting with fruit flavor.  Mango, Pineapple and Tamarind flavors; 12oz bottle….$1.75

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