–made from scratch by our in-house pie gal (availability varies)


Sweet Potato Pie:  Our signature pie…a mouthful of “yum” …..$2.25

Apple Pie:  Granny Smith apples slow cooked with cinnamon and nutmeg then baked into pure perfection…..$1.99

Homemade Pie with a scoop of Leona’s Ice Cream:  our homemade pie served with a scoopy of delicious Wilkinsburg-made ice cream…..$4.25

Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwich:  locally sourced, hand held happiness (flavors vary weekly)…..$5.49 

Scoop of Leona’s Ice Cream:  locally sourced and made in Wilkinsburg…..$2.50

Homemade Blondie:  la brownie-esque dessert made with caramel and pecans……$1.50

Wonday Sundae:  a homemade “blondie” with a scoop of Leona’s vanilla ice cream…..$4.50


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